Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look out, Barbie's gonna flash you!

[images courtesy of mattel]

Totally love these playful Barbie Flash Banner ads. These banner ads lead viewers to Barbie's blog. It conveys a simple message with just enough of the right elements moving to keep you interested without convulsing --- gotta hate those erratic, action packed flash banners. Such messes. Clean layout and design and just a punch of pink make these eye catching; how can you not click on them?! ;)

[images courtesy of mattel]

Love how Mattel pokes fun at themselves --- addressing Barbie's tippy-toe feet and the common mishap when booger-brothers get a hold of Barbie's fabulous mane. Kinda cool that it begins with just the Barbie logotype then turns into the Barbie Fiftieth Anniversary logo. See these banners at popsugar.com (hit refresh a couple times in order to see both)

[note: banners were recently taken down]

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